Authenticity Guide

Authenticity is the beating heart of Luxe Collective. It’s what we do and who we are. From our team to our content to the provenance of our items - authenticity is what we’re about. Unlike our competitors, our Founders, Ben & Joe, are specialised Authentication Experts. So, authenticity is really at our core. 

As the preloved sector continues to grow, so does the number of counterfeit items hitting the market - causing a major issue for customers. With this in mind, it is critical to source luxury preloved items from reputable sources with specialist authentication teams - like us.

Transparency is fundamental, so it's only right to provide insight into our authentication process. We trust our Authenticating Team implicitly, so much so, we offer a 100% Authenticity Guarantee or your money back.

Authenticity Analysis 

Before being listed on our website, every preloved item goes through a meticulous authentication procedure conducted by two of our seasoned Luxe Collective Authenticity Specialists. With an exceptional ability to differentiate between counterfeits, including highly deceptive ones, and authentic pieces, our Authentication Specialists meticulously scrutinise each item. 

Whether it's a handbag, footwear, jewellery, or accessories, the authenticity of each item is meticulously examined against the manufacturer's stringent authenticity benchmarks. 

Our Authentication Specialists expertly examine various aspects, including: 

  • Stitching precision 
  • Hardware quality 
  • Authenticity imprints 
  • Date codes 
  • Materials used 
  • Overall craftsmanship 
Seeking any irregularities that might indicate a lack of authenticity.

Step Two: Condition & Damage Inspection 

Here at Luxe Collective, all of our offerings come from the loving care of our dedicated sellers (a big shoutout to them!). Our team of Buyers take the lead in assessing items, using the images attached to our Sell To Us form as a starting point.

Whether an item is marked as "Brand New" or "Very Good" by the seller, our team of Authentication Specialists step in to meticulously examine the authenticity and condition of every piece that graces the Luxe Collective HQ. This comprehensive evaluation encompasses a thorough scrutiny of both the item's interior and exterior components. Our goal? To ensure that you, our cherished customer, have a crystal-clear understanding of the piece you're eager to add to your collection. 

Items that pass the authenticity test then undergo a meticulous assessment according to our in-house condition guide. We take immense pride in the quality of our products, with the majority of our Luxe collection proudly boasting an Excellent Condition rating.  

Step Three: Dustbag and Box Check 

Each and every item that graces Luxe Collective HQ is checked to ensure their original dustbags are on board. Dustbags are like the guardian angels of your precious investments - along with our Luxe Liners! So if a bag shows up without its trusty dustbag, we'll package your item in our Luxe Collective dustbags for free!


We are not authorized resellers of any of the brands that we stock. Don't be alarmed - it is rare to find a preloved reseller, that is! That is why it is so important to find a preloved reseller with a specialist authentication team, like us, who can ensure you're investing in genuine luxury goods.

Authenticity Guide