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September 14 2023

Tiffany & Co. Jewellery: Why Embracing Preloved is a Brilliant Choice

Tiffany & Co. is renowned for its enduring appeal in the world of jewellery. Their brand has stood the test of time, captivating jewellery enthusiasts for over a century. What sets Tiffany & Co. apart is their commitment to timeless elegance and luxury. Whether it's the sparkle of their exquisite diamonds or the craftsmanship of their sterling silver creations, Tiffany exudes sophistication and class. If you're new to the world of Tiffany & Co., fear not – we're here to provide you with everything you need to know.

The Tiffany & Co. Legacy

Established in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young right in the heart of New York City, Tiffany & Co. has consistently set the gold (or aptly - silver) standard for luxury jewellery. Their pieces are true works of art, delivered in those iconic blue boxes that have become synonymous with the brand and as sought-after as the jewellery itself. 

True Tiffany fans may know that Tiffany & Co. played a pivotal role in raising the purity standards for American sterling silver. The renowned 925 hallmark found on Tiffany & Co. silver jewellery indicates an impressive 92.5% silver content, making their sterling silver pieces ideal investments. They retain their value and popularity over time, which is a win-win for both buyers and sellers.

Celebrities from eras, both old and new, have adorned themselves with Tiffany & Co. jewellery. From Audrey Hepburn's iconic appearance in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to Beyoncé's recent accessories and costume choices during her 2023 Renaissance tour, Tiffany & Co. has been a constant presence on red carpets. This commitment to craftsmanship and design has cemented its status as a global jewellery icon, with celebrities and style icons choosing the brand for everything from high-profile events to the coffee run. Look, if it's good enough for Beyoncé, it's good enough for us. 


Iconic Tiffany Collections

Tiffany & Co. is celebrated for its diverse range of jewellery collections, each with its unique charm. One of the brand's most iconic contributions to the world of jewellery is the redesign of the engagement ring, a tradition that began in 1886. Their innovative design elevated the diamond above the band, symbolising everlasting love and maximising the stone's brilliance by allowing it to catch and reflect more light. This groundbreaking setting has influenced contemporary engagement ring designs for over a century and continues to be sought-after by wannabe brides across the globe. 

Beyond engagement rings, Tiffany & Co. boasts remarkable collections, including:

  • Atlas: Inspired by the Roman numerals on the Atlas clock, this collection features bold numerals and clean lines, offering a mix of tradition and modernity. 
  • Tiffany T: Embracing the Tiffany & Co. name, this collection showcases modern, minimalist designs with sleek clean lines and the use of the ‘T’ to deliver a contemporary chic look. 
  • Tiffany 1837: Rooted in pure minimalism, this collection highlights the finest materials and craftsmanship. The simple silver pieces are elegantly inscribed with the ‘1837’ founding date. For pieces that appeal to both men and women, the preloved Tiffany 1837 necklaces, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are buyer favourites at Luxe Collective. 
  • Elsa Peretti: A beloved collection, Elsa Peretti's designs celebrate organic, sculptural shapes, including iconic open-heart pendants and the notorious bean design which is available on pendants, rings and necklaces. 
  • Return to Tiffany: This collection carries a sense of nostalgia, with its classic heart-shaped tags that have remained enduringly popular both new and preloved. A fan favourite for buyers and sellers at Luxe Collective, this collection deserves a feature all of its own… 


Return to Tiffany Collection

The Return to Tiffany collection, known for its timeless charm, harks back to an era when lost items could be returned to the Tiffany & Co. Fifth Avenue flagship store. The design of the heart-shaped tags has stayed true to the original, bearing the engraving "Please Return to Tiffany & Co. New York." This collection has maintained its popularity due to the versatility of its designs, with ‘Return to Tiffany’ pendants becoming a staple piece in many a jewellery box. 

Simple, refined, and ageless, each piece makes an ideal gift for loved ones, whether they're young or old, or should we say, "vintage." From preowned Tiffany earrings and bracelets to rings and necklaces, the Return to Tiffany collection remains a firm favourite at Luxe Collective.

The Advantages of Buying Preloved Tiffany & Co. Jewellery

In the world of fine jewellery, owning luxury pieces has undeniable appeal. While acquiring brand-new Tiffany & Co. jewellery is the traditional route, an increasing number of savvy and style-conscious individuals are turning to the preloved market, and here's why:


The primary advantage of buying preloved Tiffany & Co. jewellery lies in sustainability. In an era where conscious consumerism is on the rise (rightly so!), choosing preloved pieces contributes to a more eco-friendly and responsible fashion industry. Giving preloved Tiffany jewellery a second life reduces the demand for new production and supports the concept of a circular fashion movement.

Rare Vintage Finds

Every pre-loved Tiffany & Co. piece carries a unique history. These treasures, often discontinued or rare, become sought-after by Tiffany enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you missed out on a limited collaboration or you're seeking a vintage design, shopping preloved provides another opportunity to discover and afford these unique Tiffany & Co. pieces.

Luxury for Less

Financially, the benefits are clear. Preloved Tiffany jewellery often comes at a fraction of the price of brand-new pieces, allowing you to invest in a piece of luxury without breaking the bank. This works both ways, as the resale value of Tiffany jewellery remains strong, ensuring that your purchase will retain its value over time - sounds like a good investment to us! 

Whether new or preloved, buying or selling preloved Tiffany jewellery is a wise choice. The brand’s everlasting popularity, coupled with the resurgence in Y2K styles and the ever-growing trend of silver jewellery for AW/23, makes it an ideal time to embrace and invest in the iconic jewellery brand. Ready to explore our preloved Tiffany collection? Shop preloved Tiffany & Co. necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bracelets and rings. 

At Luxe Collective, all our Tiffany & Co. jewellery pieces undergo a rigorous Authentication check, so you can trust you are receiving the real deal, you can find out more on our authentication guide or keep an eye out on Communique for more preloved jewellery guides on Tiffany & Co. Shopping for something special? Explore our collections of preloved jewellery from Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and more.