How does 1-2-1 Shopping Work?


Step 1: Look for our Luxe Shopping widget 

Simply click the ‘Shop Live’ button when available, to connect with our Luxury Product Specialist Elli. Whether you’re looking to learn more about specific pieces or need some styling advice, Elli is on hand to answer your questions. 


Step 2: Book a Personalised 1:2:1 Appointment

Outside of live session hours, book in for a ”boutique” experience - with a virtual 1-2-1 appointment with Elli. During your appointment, you can chat about your Luxe wishlist items and get personalised recommendations from our extensive collection.  


Step 4: How do I connect to a live 1:2:1 Shopping Session? 

Ready for your online 1:2:1 appointment? To join, all you need is for your camera or microphone to be enabled on your device. This allows us to see you and hear you. Not feeling camera ready? Then don’t worry - we all have those days! Just select the microphone-only option and our Luxury Product Specialists can simply chat through your favourite pieces and recommendations.  


Step 4: What to expect from an appointment with our Luxury Product Specialists 

Connect with Elli for your virtual 1-2-1 appointment to chat about your Luxe wishlist items and get personalised recommendations. If you adore your preloved pieces, you can purchase them on the call with Elli - it's that simple! Ready to book? Take a look at Elli’s availability to book your appointment below. 

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Can't Connect?

If you struggle to connect via “Shop Live”, don’t worry! 
Simply send an email to: and we’ll reply as soon as possible. 

Customer Service Enquiries

Questions about your order? 
Our Customer Care Advisors are here to help, simply email: Want to know more? Check out our FAQs below. 


What is the difference between live shopping and 1-2-1 shopping?

Live Shopping 
Luxe Live Shopping is a daily show hosted by our Luxury Product Specialist, Elli. Head to our Luxe Live Shopping page to find all the details of our latest shows, upcoming shows, and previous shows too. That’s right, you don’t have to worry if you miss a live viewing; you can simply rewatch at a more convenient time to suit you! Each of our 30-minute shows showcases either new arrivals, seasonal edits, or brand collections for you to discover and shop. 

Unlike Luxe Live Shopping shows, which are open to anyone who joins, our 1-2-1 Live Shopping experiences are exclusive online sessions designed specifically for you. You can easily book an appointment with our Luxury Product Specialist Elli via the booking calendar above, or join Elli as your personal shopper between the hours of 9 am-3 pm by clicking on the Shop Live widget to the right of your screen. These personalized sessions are tailored to showcase pieces you love, along with individualized recommendations to match your unique style.  

Does it cost anything?

Not a dime. Our Live Shopping and 1-2-1 appointments are completely complimentary. Ensuring you get a luxury experience online at no extra cost.  

Will I be seen on the call?

Only if you want to. We understand that not everybody feels comfortable in front of a camera. So, if you prefer an audio-only appointment, we're happy to chat through your favourite products with you. Just a heads up, this still means you'll see our Luxury Product Specialists and your favourite products to enhance your shopping experience. All you need to do is make sure your device's microphone is enabled. 

Who will I be speaking to?

Our Luxury Product Specialist Elli, yes a real person! We don’t do automated robots at Luxe Collective. Elli is our passionate Luxury Product Specialist, what Elli doesn’t know about our preloved pieces, isn’t worth knowing. Eager to offer product recommendations and insightful advice, Elli is on-hand to answer all your questions.

What products will I see?

Our Luxury Product Specialists, will pull three of your favourite pieces from our preloved collection and also three recommendations matched to what you’re looking for too. From bags to shoes to accessories, there is so much to add to your wishlist!  

Can I make a purchase on the call?

Can’t wait to buy? We wouldn’t blame you. You can purchase items during your 1-2-1 appointments with our Luxury Product Specialists. Whilst there to assist with adding items to your cart (and perhaps delivering a discount here and there), checkout is the client’s step to complete securely without sharing personal information with our specialists.