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November 03 2020

How To Lace Alexander McQueen Trainers: Tutorial (2020)

Since you're reading this, it's likely that you're finding it difficult to lace up your Alexander McQueen trainers. Or you're apprehensive about removing the laces in fear of not being able to re-lace them correctly.

Therefore, we've put together the following tutorial to help you do so correctly. As well as provided a step by step process you can follow, below.

Step 1.

Alexander McQueen Laces

Firstly, of course you're going to need the shoe and the lace. Try to ensure the lace is laid out flat and not twisted, otherwise this will effect the final look.

You're going to want to keep this in mind when threading the laces through each eyelet.

Step 2.

Then with the shoe pointing away from you, you're going to want to thread the lace through the bottom left eyelet, from out to in. Then pass the lace through the centre tab and then through the eyelet at the top of the right hand side, as pictured.

Alexander McQueen Laces

Once you've threaded the lace through these loops, pull approximately 15-20cm of lace lace through the top eyelet. Be sure to pass the lace through the tab on the tongue, otherwise the tongue will drop down when you're not wearing them.

Step 3.

Once you've got those first couple of steps out the way, it's then exactly the same process until the end. So, take the bottom lace and pass it over the top and then through the bottom right eyelet, and pull it through so the lace is tight. As pictured.

You should see that the lace is flat against the tongue, if not simply pull the lace out, straighten it and try again. You should then see something like this.

Alexander McQueen Laces

Step 4.

Next, thread the lace under, through then over the eyelet. Then over and through the opposite eyelet. As pictured.

Step 5.

Then simply repeat steps 3 and 4 until you run out of holes to thread through, and you should be left with and equal length of lace remaining on both ends, like so. That's all there is to it.

Alexander McQueen Laces

Don't forget, this lace set is by no means exclusive to Alexander McQueen trainers. It can also be used for other shoes i.e. the Valentino Rock Runners, the Valentino Rockstud and the Chanel Logo sneakers all use this lace set, as well as many others. Nevertheless it's also an attractive lace set to know how to do.


How do you wash Alexander McQueen laces?

Overtime you'll find that your laces will become noticeably dirty, or just little less bright as they once were, particularly if they're white laces. In which case, you might be tempted to just throw them in the washing machine to get them looking brand new again.

However, you shouldn't do that. Alternatively, hand-wash them in warm, soapy water and let them air-dry.