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March 23 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Pre-Loved Moncler Jackets

Black Moncler Black Puffer Jacket


Made in the mountains, Moncler has never stood still. For 70 years, the ultra-luxe brand has defined apres-chic, equipped a Winter Olympic ski team and created an iconic silhouette. Today, Moncler's icon - the puffer jacket - is a wardrobe staple for the world's elite. Worn by key players in art, music and sport, Moncler has transcended from the slopes to the streets.

Brief History of the Moncler Padded Jacket 

Close your eyes. Think of Moncler, now what do you see? A padded puffer jacket? We guessed as much. 

Created in 1954, the iconic down-padded jacket had its seminal moment in the 80s. Under the creative direction of Chantal Thomass, Moncler advanced to the city. Thomass introduced the amalgam of ultra-performance and style to the youth, with the cloud-like silhouettes providing a stark contrast to the fur-clad, fussy styles of the 70s. Moncler's cutting-edge silhouette propelled the puffer jacket to coveted status, where it has remained for 4 decades.

But how did Moncler slope down from the Alps to become the luxury label it is today? Enter Remo Ruffini.

Ruffini acquired the brand in 2003, introducing collaborations with fashion trailblazers, including; Sacai (think, Nike Vaporwaffle), Christoper Raeburn and Nicholas Ghesiquere (you guessed it- The Womenswear Creative Director at Louis Vuitton!).

Under Ruffini, Moncler has produced Haute Couture collections for the runways of Milan, Paris and most recently London. This successful transition has - and continues - to be uniquely Moncler, harnessing the legacy of innovation, evolution and representation.


Moncler Label and Zipper


How to tell if a Moncler Jacket is Real or Fake?

Ready to invest in a Moncler jacket but take a sharp inhale at the price tag? We got you.

Buying pre-loved is a great way to invest without breaking the bank. Word of warning - Moncler jackets are highly coveted, so you may find many fakes gracing the market. To ensure you invest in the real deal, our Luxe Collective Authenticators have shared their tips on spotting counterfeit Moncler jackets.


Moncler Cartoon Washing Label

Expert Authentication Tips


The iconic logo is visible once you open the jacket. Now, take time to research, as the label has changed over 70 years. Older styles will have either a navy label with a red, white and blue logo or a brown label with a cream logo. More recent styles will have a white label with a red, white and blue logo.


On an authentic jacket, the embroidered patch should have a smooth rounded edge, clean lines and no fraying. If the embroidery is bold and the font is uneven, it's more than likely your jacket is fake. There should be even spacing between the letters, and the stitching width should be consistent across the type. 


Moncler has made it easier for customers to verify their products themselves via Certilogos. Introduced (for certain styles) in 2008, Certilogos should be present in jackets and coats from this year. 

Jackets from 2009-2012 should include a Certilogo with specific number codes. Jackets and coats from 2013 onwards, should have a Certilogo with a QR code. You can verify your jacket at If your jacket or coat fails to register, reach out to Moncler for further assistance. 


An authentic jacket will have a fabric-printed cartoon featuring the brand's mascot - Monduck. You can find the cartoon stitched into the left side of your Moncler coat or jacket. The 8-tile cartoon should depict the washing instructions - pretty creative, right?

On a genuine jacket, the cartoon will look faded - think vintage colouring and a matte finish. If your jacket has a vibrant cartoon with a gloss finish, more than likely, your Moncler jacket is a fake.


Buttons can be a good indicator of authenticity. Modern styles will have branded buttons featuring the word, 'Moncler' or the Moncler logo. The back of these buttons should show 'Fiocchi Italy'- the reputable button brand used.

Buttons without engravings could be a red flag, however, if your Moncler jacket was made in the 1990s or early 2000s, your jacket could feature unbranded hardware.


Don't forget the zippers on your jacket. Moncler use a variety of zippers across different jacket styles, but the most common are; Lampo, YKK and Vision zippers. Raccagni zippers are also used too. It is worth knowing what year your jacket was made, to ensure the zipper corresponds with the correct jacket style and zipper type. 

Helpful Note: For a simple rule of thumb, be wary of metallic-look zippers that are made of plastic. We commonly see unbranded or fake Lampo zippers on counterfeit second-hand Moncler jackets or coats. 

 Take a look at our super-easy authentication method, for a quick follow along guide.


Moncler Embroidered Patch Label

Expert Buying Tips: Moncler Sizing to Materials

Moncler jackets usually have a slimmer, form-fitting cut compared to peers Canada Goose and Moose Knuckles. The general rule of thumb is to take the size up, however, the below points are worth considering:


This is an important factor to consider when deciding what jacket size you should buy. It's a good idea to buy a larger size if you plan to wear your jacket in extremely cold weather - this will allow for layering clothing underneath. If you want a high-fill insulated jacket, choose your regular size for an ideal fit.


What will you be doing? Will you need a wide range of motion? Performance materials used for Moncler jackets have limited/to no stretch. If you plan to engage in winter sports, consider sizing up for comfort and performance. 


Navy Moncler Puffer Jacket

What are Moncler jackets made out of?

The metallic-like finish of authentic Moncler jackets is a result of Japanese nylon. The densely-woven, lightweight fine nylon ensures the (sustainably-sourced) white goose feathers are securely enclosed within the jacket -  guaranteeing superior insulation and no feather loss.


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